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Build Plates and Print Surfaces

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There are a lot of options out there when it comes to 3d printer build surfaces. Many people swear by bare borosilicate glass or mirrors. Other’s add a layer of glue stick, hairspray or even salt water. Also, what should the build plate be made of? PCB heaters are fairly popular and even ship on some higher-end retail printers. So …

3D Printer Parts and Materials

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▸ Jump To… MIC-6 Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate Linear Rails Tubing and Fittings Hardware Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate (MIC-6) Mic-6 aluminum tooling plate is the best material for your build plate, period. It’s extremely flat and conducts heat really well. Also, it’s pretty. Let’s get into some crunch before you guys revoke my man card for calling something pretty. It …

3D Printing Software

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Fusion360 A cloud-based 3d CAD/CAM package. It’s free for students, hobbyists, and startups making less than $100k/year. Extremely powerful parametric design software package. Highly recommend. You can find tutorials on YouTube as well as online courses on websites like Udemy or just wing it and learn by doing. slic3r Slicing software. I can say much about it because I don’t …

3d Printer Filament Storage

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A lot of 3d printer filament is what’s called “hygroscopic”, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air. This will affect the filament diameter and reduce the appearance and strength of your printed part.