The Wildbot 3D Printer

The Wildbot

My CoreXY 3d printer that was my first build. From start to finish, I spent about six months planning and building it. I use the term ‘planning’ very loosely here. Honestly, it was more ignorance and enthusiasm than anything.

the Wildbot

First Iteration

This was the basic version before I upgraded. This is vanilla Wildbot.


MK8 Extruder

Linear Rails

Mic-6 Aluminum Bed

X-Carriage Upgrade

I designed the front and rear plates in Draftsight. Then, I had a laser cutting service cut them out of 1/8″(3mm) aluminum.


Keeps extruder weight balanced

Narrow to maximize X travel

Short to maximize Z height

My own X-Carriage Design

Part Cooling

This is a bracket I designed that holds two Delta 30mm blowers. I was careful to direct the airflow just below the nozzle to avoid any heating issues.


Radial Fans

Directed at the part, not the nozzle

Doesn't block view of nozzle

Is it a D-Bot?

Well, kind of. It certainly started as a D-bot. I read the build guide and ordered the parts on the BOM. At first glance, the D-bot looked like a well thought out build.

However, once I started building, I ran into huge design flaws. Probably most people wouldn't think they were design flaws but I think I have a unique perspective because I'm an industrial maintenance technician.

Design Flaws

  • Cantilevered, poorly supported bed
  • PCB Heater w/4 leveling screws
  • Printed Bowden Extruder
  • Two steppers to raise the Z-axis
D-Bot Printed Parts