3d filament types

Choosing the Right Filament for Your Use Case

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As you probably already know, Fused Deposition Modeling or FDM (A.K.A. Fused Filament Fabrication) is one of the most common, not to mention affordable 3D Printing technologies out there. It relies on the use of a computer controlled heated extruder that pushes the melted thermoplastic filament through a nozzle. The computer controlled nozzle deposits the molten plastic in thin layers …

3d Printer Parts

3D Printer Parts Explained

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When you are first starting out in 3d printing, you’ll do a lot of reading. Unfortunately, most of the information you’ll be looking for is scattered around forums and archived reddit posts. A lot of the information you find that way will be bad and all of it will be confusing. Everyone is going to throw terms around like you …

UFO January 2019

Alien3D UFO – January 2019

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Alien 3D UFO Subscription BoxJanuary 2019 Filament Samples US Monofilaments – Yellow High Head Grade PLA Filament One – PLA PRO Select Glint Silver Stronghero 3D – Yellow PETG 3D Printz – Crystal Green PLA Fiberlogy – Onyx Easy PLA Filament One – PLA PRO Select Navy Blue Extras Micro Swiss Hardened Nozzle Arduino Nano with USB cord Temperature & …

Building a 3D Printer for Reliability and Safety

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If you choose to use mains voltage for your heated bed, as I did, it’s important to understand one thing. Handle it improperly and IT WILL KILL YOUR ASS and/or BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE. Proceed with caution. If you’re not familiar with mains voltage wiring and components, stick to 12-24VDC for your heated bed. It’s much less likely to KILL YOUR ASS or BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE. …

print surfaces

Build Plates and Print Surfaces

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There are a lot of options out there when it comes to 3d printer build surfaces. Many people swear by bare borosilicate glass or mirrors. Other’s add a layer of glue stick, hairspray or even salt water. Also, what should the build plate be made of? PCB heaters are fairly popular and even ship on some higher-end retail printers. So …

3D Printer Parts and Materials

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▸ Jump To… MIC-6 Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate Linear Rails Tubing and Fittings Hardware Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate (MIC-6) Mic-6 aluminum tooling plate is the best material for your build plate, period. It’s extremely flat and conducts heat really well. Also, it’s pretty. Let’s get into some crunch before you guys revoke my man card for calling something pretty. It …

Control panel for the Wildbot

External Control Panel for Duet Wifi

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The DuetWifi is hands down the best controller on the market. The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a display/control panel and it’s only compatible with the PanelDue displays. I’ve recently purchased a 5″ PanelDue but for a long time adjusting the Wildbot was troublesome. It involved a lot of walking from my computer to my printer and …

3D Printing Software

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Fusion360 A cloud-based 3d CAD/CAM package. It’s free for students, hobbyists, and startups making less than $100k/year. Extremely powerful parametric design software package. Highly recommend. You can find tutorials on YouTube as well as online courses on websites like Udemy or just wing it and learn by doing. slic3r Slicing software. I can say much about it because I don’t …

3d Printer Filament Storage

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A lot of 3d printer filament is what’s called “hygroscopic”, meaning it absorbs moisture from the air. This will affect the filament diameter and reduce the appearance and strength of your printed part.

How to Measure Your Filament Diameter and Why You Should

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An accurate value for your filament diameter (as a setting in your slicing software) can have a large impact on your overall print quality. Most filament brands will list their dimensional accuracy but I think it’s important to have a real value. Here is my process for finding filament diameter. I do this for every new roll of filament. I …